WEDNESDAYS: Goodnow Farms Chocolate share
WEDNESDAYS: Goodnow Farms Chocolate share

WEDNESDAYS: Goodnow Farms Chocolate share

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Delivery day: Wednesdays!  

We make great tasting, single origin chocolate at our farm in Sudbury, MA. We personally source our cacao beans directly from farmers throughout the Americas to ensure fine flavor, best quality and ethical treatment of farmers. In our kitchen, we make our chocolate bean-to-bar and take the extra step of fresh pressing our single origin cocoa butter to give our chocolate its intense flavor and exceptional smoothness.

Product Description

6 shares delivered biweekly on WEDNESDAYS from week of June 9th to week of August 18th. We love what we do, and are grateful to partner with like-minded, local food growers, makers and innovators to share the potential of what premium quality, delicious food can be.

What is an example of an average share? 

Each week, our CSA offering will be a bit different.

  • One week might include three of our large chocolate bars from different origins with a tasting guide and wine pairing suggestions.
  • Another week we could highlight a certain type of cacao bean origin, and the package might include cacao nibs and chocolate made using the same beans but with slightly different ingredients so that you can distinguish among the flavor notes and nuances.

We’ll always do our best to make the experience fun and interesting!

What is your favorite summer item? What do you like to cook with? 

“Some of our favorite drinks to make are summer-sun, iced teas using herbs from our garden and our cacao nibs. Flavor notes in the cacao vary- some cacao is more herbal, other cacao has bright acidity like pineapple and yes, some has the classic cocoa-y taste. Whatever you use, the cool beverage is always refreshing and has often sparked an idea for a new chocolate bar.” Monica from Goodnow Farms Chocolate